Rachel Legsdin is an artist living and working in Austin, TX

2010 BFA Massachusetts College of Art and Design

2010 Jeremy Foss Award in Painting

2008 Jeremy Foss Award in Painting

2002 Indo-Chinese Exchange, Ho Chi Mhin City, Vietnam

Artist Statement
Graphic planes of color collide with expressionistic streaks of wet into wet paint yielding a product from two contrasting points of origin. The imagery exists somewhere between play and stress. Tension and whimsy are protagonists and fuel the subtle narratives between elements in a visual tug of war.
Both fact and intuition are woven together to provide a pictorial sense of unraveling matter. A clash is created between the plastic and the natural world. The female figure is referenced to depict nature and its malleable existence.
Vibrant palettes draw attention and add volume. Chromatically saturated hues are juxtaposed to create a visual vibration. Variety of paint application and textural marks add multiple layers of visual language. Color relationships are manipulated to add an element of tension and immediacy that is connected to the overall pictorial experience.
Using subtle allusions to the historic pillars of both abstract expressionist and pop art, my work finds its niche somewhere between the nostalgia of yesterday and the ideas of tomorrow.